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Oklahoma Central’s Anytime Skip-A-Pay Puts You in Control

Now you have a say when you want to skip-a-pay. Our Anytime Skip-A-Pay program allows you the flexibility to react to situations where you could use a bit more cash for emergencies, vacations, back-to-school costs, paying off holiday debt, or other times when you have higher-than-normal expenses.
Eligible loans:
  • Auto
  • Heating and air (HVAC)
  • Storm shelter and generator
  • Personal
  • Specialty vehicle (boat, motorcycle, personal watercraft, ATV)

Ineligible loans:
  • Mortgage and home equity lines of credit
  • RV
  • Tractor
  • Personal lines of credit
  • Commercial
  • Student Choice student loans
  • VISA® credit cards
Anytime Skip-A-Pay lets you take control of your finances and create some peace of mind during financially stressful times. Eligibility requirements and disclosures:
  • You must be enrolled in Online Banking. Not enrolled? Start here.
  • When you are logged in to your Online Banking account (desktop or mobile), if you are eligible to skip your payment, the Anytime Skip-A-Pay option will appear.
  • Your loan must be at least six months old.
  • You cannot be past due at the time the skip-a-pay request is made.
  • Payment cannot be skipped in consecutive months and more than twice in any 12-month period.
  • Oklahoma Central reserves the right to decline an Anytime Skip-A-Pay request due to poor payment performance or any other negative circumstance related to a member’s account(s).
  • Credit life, disability and/or GAP coverage on any given loan may not extend beyond the original maturity date.

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Questions? Email or call 918-664-6000, select option 8, to speak with a member service representative.